The ML never falls far from the tree

The Forestry team is comprised of data scientists, technology leaders at Fortune 50s, and serial entrepreneurs. Sticky problems like melding analytics with human workflows are ones we have encountered and solved.

We have seen how embracing machine learning can constrain risk, yield cost reductions and boost profits, and nothing excites us more than for Forestry to drive toward real outcomes for your team, too.

Why Forestry?

Since we have launched, the most common question we get is around the brand. Some assume that we build machine learning solutions tied to the outdoors. Others have asked if we only use Random Forests in our solutions. So if you’re curious about this, allow us to explain “why Forestry?”
01.Ok… guilty, we do love tree based models. Random Forests, GBM’s, XGBoost - these approaches are battle-tested, win Kaggle competitions and ensembles generalize well to different problem spaces. But we also love neural networks and deep learning! The word “forest” was a playful nod to the data science community.
02.A forest is also an ecosystem, teeming with life and growth. They are expansive, powerful and have a storied history. We really liked the word associations and emotions that a forest invokes.
03.It also ties to a piece of our company culture. Many of our team are passionate about the outdoors and after they spend their days engineering dataframes, spend their evenings and weekends traveling, hiking, rock climbing, you name it!
04.And to fully round out the story, we have committed to send a portion of our proceeds to the National Forest Foundation and World Wildlife Foundation to do our small part in our global effort to conserve and restore.

Our Team

Data is our nature

David Der

Alan Rozet


About us
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Just over five years ago, our CEO, David Der, co-founded a company called Notch that specialized in data and machine learning.

After three years working as Chief Operating Officer, growing the company and delivering over 50 projects, one of their key customers, Capital One, acquired Notch.

David and his team then formed an internal consulting practice in Capital One’s Center for Machine Learning (C4ML). The team expanded and partnered with each line of business to build, scale and productionize custom machine learning solutions for the company.

After two years as a director of ML there, his entrepreneurial drive and aspirations have taken him back to the startup life.

Forestry has been working with the team at Consult360 to launch with great momentum and proven expertise in building consulting service companies.

Lets work together

At Forestry, we're looking for sharp builders capable of converting our clients' ML/AI aspirations into reality. If you're fired up by measurable impact, if you climb both evergreens and decision trees, and if data and code are your nature, then we are excited to hear from you!

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